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Vibiemme Domobar Super 2B

The Domobar Super 2B by Vibiemme Italy is a Multi Boiler espresso machine with superior thermal stability and PID control to adjust temperatures within the coffee boiler for a premium flavour for every coffee produced.

Vibiemme has introduced the new “Power Management Control System” (PMCS) within the Super 2B which automatically regulates power to the heating element in the brew boiler for optimal efficiency and temperature stability. The PMCS allows the Super 2B to work in different configurations and still keep the thermal stability range within 0.1°c. It also allows an increase in steam power for optimum milk texturing, speed and detailed latte art.

The multi boiler system allows for easy adjustments to be made to the temperature within the coffee boiler, an advantage to those who desire to create the optimal extraction temperature for a range of different coffees and who like to control the variables.

Key Points

  • Incorporates Vibiemme’s New “Power Management Control System” (PMCS) which regulates variable power to the coffee boiler heating element allowing different configurations while maintaining optimum water volume to wattage ratio for temperature stability.
  • Steam boiler ON (1200 Watt) and Coffee boiler ON (600 Watt).
  • Steam boiler OFF and Coffee boiler ON (900 Watt).
  • Proportional, Integral, Derivative (PID) controlled.
  • 0.5 Litre coffee boiler for better temperature stability. The smaller volume of water held within this boiler reduces the chance of water going stale thus providing better flavour in the cup.
  • Larger Steam boiler for high performance steaming.
  • Rotary vane pump for quieter performance.
  • Option available for both the drainage and the water line to be plumbed directly or draw off water reservoir.

Domobar Heat Exchange

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Technical Information

Model Lever 2B
Dimensions mm - Depth 550mm
Length 300mm
Height 430mm
Net Weight 28 kg
Heating Element Maximum Wattage Steam Boiler- 1200 Watt
Coffee Boiler- 900 Watt (600 + 300)
Boilers Steam Boiler - 2 Litres with a 45ml Heat
exchange feeding coffee boiler
Coffee Boiler - 0.5 Litres
Voltage 240 V
Power 10 Amp
Water Safety System Yes
Country of Origin Italy
Water Supply Water withdrawal can be sourced from both the
water tank than from the water net through
a simple mechanic switch, with no need to
turn the machine off.
Brewing Group Head Commercial grade E61 Group head
with a weight of 4.3kg
Steam Wand Stainless Steel, 360 degree adjustable arm
Support Toll Free technical support 1300 326 326

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