Rocket Espresso Giotto

Rocket Espresso Giotto PID V3

In the early 1990’s, espresso machine engineer Ennio Berti resigns from one of Italy’s major espresso machine manufacturing companies.

He believes the world is ready for a coffee revolution - a commercial quality domestic espresso machine. Starting at the very end of the process (the perfect cup of coffee), Ennio works back to create the ultimate espresso machine. Everything about it is meticulously redesigned.

The boiler construction is built with a lead free brass end plate to increase thermal retention, and then nickel plated for protection against copper oxidation. The thermosyphon system layout is completely re configured. Cool touch Steam and hot water wands are incorporated.

While the competition reduce their production costs with less expensive parts, and cutting corners, Ennio's machine is built with commercial grade components regardless of cost. He creates a visually stunning machine that soon becomes a classic.

The creation of another Italian classic:

• Built in every way to replicate the commercial espresso machine experience by utilising the very best in traditional machine technology.

• Starting at the very end of the process (the perfect espresso coffee), the engineers work in reverse to create the ultimate espresso machine.

• The boiler capacity of 1.8 litres has been matched to the thermosyphon system allowing the balance of the espresso machine and the ability to texture perfect milk, optimizing perfect espresso extraction of 92 degrees, without delay.

• The Giotto PID V3 is a visually stunning machine. It’s build quality never compromised. Regarded by coffee lovers, worldwide as a classic icon.

Thermosyphon System

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Technical Information

Model Giotto PID V3
Brewing Groups 1
Brew Head Style E61 4.05kg Brass
Boiler 1.8 Litre Nickel Plated Copper with
Brass End Plates
Coffee Control Lever
Water Tank Tank only 2.9 Litre
Thermosyphon System Heat Exchange
Coffee Preinfusion Oversized Static Expansion Chamber
Boiler Temperature Control Thermostat Variable
Stainless Steel Wands Non Burn 360°
Steam Valve Control 1/4 Turn
Clearance (mm) Spout to Tray 75 mm
Width mm 330
Depth mm 420
Height mm 350
Weight kg 21 kg
Heating Element Wattage 1200w
Voltage 240V
Boiler Contamination Protection Anti-Vacuum Valve
Element Protetcion Manual Reset Thermo Switch and
element time out protection
Body All Stainless Steel AISI304

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